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Conference Proceedings

National Conference on Microwave & Optical Communication (NCMOC-2018) Organized By Alagappa Chettiar Government College of Engineering and Technology, Karaikudi on 21, March 2018

International Conference on Momentous Role of Nanomaterials in Renewable Energy Devices (ICMNRE-2018) Organized By Department of Physics, Alagappa University, Karaikudi on 1 - 2 March 2018

National Conference On Spectrum Of Opportunities In Science & Engineering Technology (NCSOSET-2018), Organized By Siddhivinayak Technical Campus, School of Polytechnic & Research Technology, Shegaon on 24 March 2018

International Conference on Creativity and Innovations in Technology Development (ICCITD-2018) on 15th -16th March 2018 Organized by S.S. College of Engineering, Udipur

Technophilia-2018 Organized By JCEIS Jaihind Polytechnic, Kuran

NANO Technology & Applications in Civil Engineering Organize by Institute of Technology & Management Universe(ITM Universe) Vadodara

International Conference of Trends in Information, Management, Engineering and Sciences (ICTIMES) Organized By Mallareddy College of Engineering on 29th -30th Nov. 2017

Two Day National conference on Emerging Trends and Innovations in Electronics and Communication Engineering (ETIECE-2017) held on 26th & 27th August and organised by Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering, BGSB University, Rajouri, J&K

National Conference On Nanomaterials, Volume 4 Special Issue 6

Special Issue on Recent Trends in Data Engineering, Volume 4 Special Issue 05

3rd International Seminar on Utilization of Non Conventional Energy Sources for Sustainable Development of Rural Areas

1ST INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON CURRENT RESEARCH IN ENGINEERING (SIEICON-2017) Organize by Sigma Institute of Engineering,Vadodara on 13th April 2017

National Conference on Applications of NANO Technology in Civil Engineering Organize by Institute of Technology & Management Universe(ITM Universe) Vadodara

Special Session on " Emerging Technologies in the Computer World" organized by Department of Computer Engineering, All India Shri Shivaji Memorial Society's, Institute of Information Technology


National Conference on Emerging Trends in Computer & Electrical Engineering (ETCEE - 2014) March 7-8, 2014, Organized by Atmiya Institute of Technology and Science, Rajkot

National Conference on Recent Research in Engineering and Technology (NCRRET-2015) organizing by Dr. Jivraj Mehta Institute of Technology, Mogar-Anand

National Conference on Emerging Trends in Computer, Electrical & Electronics (ETCEE - 2015), March 13-14, 2015, Organized by Atmiya Institute of Technology and Science, Rajkot

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Volume: 06, Issue: 03


Paper Details

1 Expansion of Wireless Sensor Network Lifetime by Productive Clustering Algorithm

Author(s): Mahesh M Bagali, Mr. Vijay Shelke

CrossRefDOI:10.21090/IJAERD.43709 View DetailsView Details, Page(s): 1-3, DownloadDownload

2 Transport Layer Security 1.3

Author(s): Lokesh Kumar

CrossRefDOI:10.21090/IJAERD.32593 View DetailsView Details, Page(s): 4-14, DownloadDownload

3 A Survey on Role-Based Access Control

Author(s): A. Monisha, V. Manjula, S. Mahalakshmi

CrossRefDOI:10.21090/IJAERD.22977 View DetailsView Details, Page(s): 15-18, DownloadDownload

4 Standalone PV System Design and Sizing for a Household in Anand

Author(s): Kaushal Tarunbhai Shah, Sachin Patel

CrossRefDOI:10.21090/IJAERD.21283 View DetailsView Details, Page(s): 19-22, DownloadDownload

5 Chemical Treated Bamboo To Replace Steel As A Reinforcement In A Beam

Author(s): Atika Ingole, Sagar Zade, Gunjan Bhange, Rahul Pawar, Sarvesh Yadav AND Gauresh Girathe

CrossRefDOI:10.21090/IJAERD.64557 View DetailsView Details, Page(s): 23-26, DownloadDownload

6 Demand Side Management: Case study at Educational Institute

Author(s): A Kumar

CrossRefDOI:10.21090/IJAERD.75339 View DetailsView Details, Page(s): 27-30, DownloadDownload


Author(s): Gayatri Suryawanshi, Prashant Patil, Dipali Patel, Monika Ahire, Puja Tamboli

CrossRefDOI:10.21090/IJAERD.11280 View DetailsView Details, Page(s): 31-34, DownloadDownload


Author(s): Prof. Abdul Ghaffar, Imran Siddiqui, Swapnil Alone, Sachin Meshram, Sneha Telang

CrossRefDOI:10.21090/IJAERD.34930 View DetailsView Details, Page(s): 35-39, DownloadDownload



CrossRefDOI:10.21090/IJAERD.60799 View DetailsView Details, Page(s): 40-46, DownloadDownload

10 Exergy Modelling of a Coal Based 210 MW Thermal Power Plant working under varying load conditions

Author(s): Apoorva Deep Roy, Mukesh Sharma , R. P. Sharma

CrossRefDOI:10.21090/IJAERD.90828 View DetailsView Details, Page(s): 47-72, DownloadDownload

11 Comparison between Chemically Treated Bamboo and Steel Reinforcement as a Building Material

Author(s): Prof. Atika Ingole, Triveni Bagde, Devid Sakhre, Lokesh Walde, Lokesh Raut

CrossRefDOI:10.21090/IJAERD.23326 View DetailsView Details, Page(s): 73-77, DownloadDownload

12 Provenance Assurance Prove Based on Current Location for Giving Reviews

Author(s): Rutuja Lonkar, Sejal Kamble, Kajal Jagtap, Aswini Rathod, V.N.Kukre

CrossRefDOI:10.21090/IJAERD.37082 View DetailsView Details, Page(s): 78-81, DownloadDownload

13 Study on Spectrum Mobility occurs in Cognitive Radio Networks

Author(s): Saumya Srivastava

CrossRefDOI:10.21090/IJAERD.86371 View DetailsView Details, Page(s): 82-88, DownloadDownload

14 Automation of Home Appliances using Internet of Things

Author(s): Saurabh Dome, Dinesh Misale, Atharva Mudholkar, Pramod Baviskar, P. P. Bastawade

CrossRefDOI:10.21090/IJAERD.28103 View DetailsView Details, Page(s): 89-93, DownloadDownload

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