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optical fiber communication is a way of sending information from one place to another by transmitting pulses of light via optical fiber. Electromagnetic carrier waveform from light are modulated to carry information. Fiber is better than electrical cable for high bandwidth, long distance or immunity to electromagnetic interference. Optical fiber is very widely used for telecom companies to transmit information signals, internet and cable television signals. In a research at Bell lab found internet speed more than 100 petabit kilometre per second using optical fiber. On April 22nd 1977 the first line telephone traffic using fiber optics at a 6Mbits/S speed in long beach California. In 2nd generation of fiber optic communication accomplished world longest commercial fiber optic network covered 3268 Km & linked 52 Community. This system were operating at 1.7 Gb/s bit rate with repeater spacing at every 50 Km. In 3rd generation fiber optic communication system the improvement bring to commercially operate at 2.5Gb per second with repeater spacing at every 100 km. In 4th generation of fiber optics communication with the use of amplifier bit rate reached to 14Tbit per second over single 160Km link. 5th generation development focus on extending wavelength range for operating WDM in optical fiber. Maintenance of bending radius for optical fiber signal propagation. The loss of signal strength which effect the integrity of data transmission is called bending loss
Ofc, WDM, OFDM and Bending radius
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Paper Id : 53376
Author Name : Prince Sharma
Co-Author Name(s) : Amarjeet Kumar Ghosh
Volume/Issue No : Volume 04 Issue 10
Page No : 31-37
DOI Number : DOI:10.21090/IJAERD.53376
Publication Date : 2017-10-06
License : This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.
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Impact Factor : 4.72, SJIF-2016
ISSN Details : eISSN: 2348-4470, pISSN:2348-6406