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Paper Title
Experimental analysis of concrete having partial replacement of fine and coarse aggregate by waste glass with addition of fly ash for alkali silica reaction
Waste glass is a large element of solid waste stream in many countries. Waste glass can be recycled many times but when different colored glass get mixed then it is impossible to recycle them, therefore it is sent to landfill. Other alternatives must be found instead of sending this waste glass to landfill. One alternative is use in concrete. The main goal is to investigate the possibility to improve the compressive strength over a range of glass percentages. Waste glass is the least expensive of all the concrete constituents and is much less expensive than natural aggregates and sand, thus the idea is to replace as much of the natural aggregates and sand as possible to save money and to reduce the amount of disposable wastes, as well, but care has to be taken in order not to weaken the concrete by adding too much glass. Studies were carried out in two phases. In first phase coarse aggregates are replaced with waste glass aggregates. In phase two fine aggregates are replaced with waste glass aggregates. The investigation was carried out using workability test, compressive strength test, indirect tensile strength test and water absorption test of concrete made of different percentages of waste glass. Total forty four test specimen were casted with increment of waste glass aggregates replacement from 10% to 60%. Moreover fly-ash is also added to suppress alkali silica reaction. The workability of concrete increases as we increase the waste glass content in both phases. This result is evaluated using slump test on fresh concrete. In phase one when coarse aggregates are replaced then both compressive and tensile strength decreases. This is evaluated by testing the specimens in UTM. In phase two similar methodology is applied and it is evaluated that both compressive and tensile strength increases when fine aggregates are replaced. In both phases it is seen that concrete becomes more durable with increase in waste glass content which is evaluated by conducting waster absorption test on hardened concrete.
Waste glass, mechanical properties, fly ash for alkali silica reaction.
Others Details
Paper Id : 91025
Author Name : Kamran Khan
Co-Author Name(s) : Fawad Ahmad
Volume/Issue No : Volume 07 Issue 07
Page No : 58-65
DOI Number : DOI:10.21090/IJAERD.91025
License : This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.
website :
Impact Factor : 5.71, SJIF-2017
ISSN Details : eISSN: 2348-4470, pISSN:2348-6406