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National Conference on Emerging Trends in Computer & Electrical Engineering (ETCEE - 2014) March 7-8, 2014, Organized by Atmiya Institute of Technology and Science, Rajkot

National Conference on Recent Research in Engineering and Technology (NCRRET-2015) organizing by Dr. Jivraj Mehta Institute of Technology, Mogar-Anand

National Conference on Emerging Trends in Computer, Electrical & Electronics (ETCEE - 2015), March 13-14, 2015, Organized by Atmiya Institute of Technology and Science, Rajkot

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Special Session on " Emerging Technologies in the Computer World" organized by Department of Computer Engineering, All India Shri Shivaji Memorial Society's, Institute of Information Technology

Guest Editor: 1. Prof. Sarika N. Zaware 2.Prof. Suresh V. Limkar

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1 Smart Parking Cloud Based System

Author(s): Umang Mahant, Megh Makwana, Shubham Bhalerao,Prof. M.P.Nerkar.
CrossRefDOI:10.21090/IJAERD.ETCW01 DownloadDownload

2 Enhancing Security Using Location And Time

Author(s): Pradnya Dalvi, Monal Patel, Charuta Dhalpe, Atul Chaudhari Prof. P.S.Gaikwad
CrossRefDOI:10.21090/IJAERD.ETCW02 DownloadDownload

3 Improved Distributed Query Processing

Author(s): Prachi Bhonde, Saylee Dalu, Viraj Deshmukh, Tushar Shedge, Prof. Shilpa Pimpalkar
CrossRefDOI:10.21090/IJAERD.ETCW03 DownloadDownload

4 Online Exam Proctoring System

Author(s): Prof. Mrs. Nerkar M. P, A.T. Awaghade, D. A. Bombe, T. R. Deshmukh, K. D. Takawane
CrossRefDOI:10.21090/IJAERD.ETCW04 DownloadDownload

5 Private data sharing and document authentication using 2LQR code in pathology laboratory

Author(s): SarikaZaware,TejalJagtap,Mrunal Khatavkar,PoonamWaghmare
CrossRefDOI:10.21090/IJAERD.ETCW05 DownloadDownload


Author(s): Dorge Rajashri, Khatavkar Geeta, Pawar Sayali, Shah Harsha,Prof. Minal Zope
CrossRefDOI:10.21090/IJAERD.ETCW06 DownloadDownload

7 A Review On Knowledge Sharing in Collaborative Environment

Author(s): Prof.Minal A. Zope, Bhagyashree Wani, Payal Shah, Sonali Raut, Manasi Khot
CrossRefDOI:10.21090/IJAERD.ETCW07 DownloadDownload


Author(s): Gitanjali Bagul, Akshata Kedar, Jayesh Hatwar, Yuvraj Patil
CrossRefDOI:10.21090/IJAERD.ETCW08 DownloadDownload

9 Touch Based Digital Ordering System On Android

Author(s): Prof. Deeplakshmi Zingade, Mrunal Jadhav,Neha Rane,Bhavana Andhale,Amar Pawar
CrossRefDOI:10.21090/IJAERD.ETCW09 DownloadDownload

10 Personal Assistant to Reserve Car-Spot

Author(s): Nikita Adannawar, Hemant Mochemadkar, Pooja Pawane
CrossRefDOI:10.21090/IJAERD.ETCW10 DownloadDownload


Author(s): Pranali Sable, Priyanka Ohol, Pallavi Murhe,Sneha Vidhate.
CrossRefDOI:10.21090/IJAERD.ETCW11 DownloadDownload

12 SAFE (Social and Feasibility Endurance)

Author(s): Kiran Lingoji, Sai Deshmukh, Rutuja Admane, Pallavi Ghule,Prof. Shikha R. Agarwal
CrossRefDOI:10.21090/IJAERD.ETCW12 DownloadDownload

13 Smart Space Utilization using Smart Phones

Author(s): MinalZope, Rajas Bhalerao, Mohammad Mulla, ZeeshanAli Shaikh, Ajay Solanke
CrossRefDOI:10.21090/IJAERD.ETCW13 DownloadDownload

14 Road Condition Detection Using Arduino Based Sensing Module And Android Smartphone

Author(s): Omkar Rajmane,Vidya Rane,Aishwarya Bhosale
CrossRefDOI:10.21090/IJAERD.ETCW14 DownloadDownload

15 Security in Email Systems using Spam Filtering

Author(s): Pravin Khedkar, Rohit Reshi
CrossRefDOI:10.21090/IJAERD.ETCW15 DownloadDownload

16 Financially Assisted Student and Information Management System (FASIM) Using concept of Page Rank algorithm for Auto-Allocation of Funds.

Author(s): Prof. D.S.Zingade,Amruta Gaikwad, Shrushti Thorat, Aemal Shah
CrossRefDOI:10.21090/IJAERD.ETCW16 DownloadDownload

17 Efficient Job Execution for Map Reduce Using Phase-Level Scheduling Algorithm.

Author(s): Nisha Shinde, Trupti Patil, Prajkta Shinde, Himani Mavchi
CrossRefDOI:10.21090/IJAERD.ETCW17 DownloadDownload

18 Sales Predictor: An online Product Sales Prediction Using User Online Behavior To Increase Overall Productivity

Author(s): Prof. Shilpa Pimpalkar, Harshpriya Gaikwad, Shivani Parab, Snehali Patil, Pradnyashree Punase
CrossRefDOI:10.21090/IJAERD.ETCW18 DownloadDownload

19 Recommendation System for Engineering Admission

Author(s): S.N.Zaware,Kiran Jadhao,Snehal Khot,Krutika Pachundkar,Shraddha Shinde
CrossRefDOI:10.21090/IJAERD.ETCW19 DownloadDownload

20 ISAR:Implicit Sentimental Analysis of User Reviews

Author(s): Chaitali Sulke, Sagar Dudani, Ujjwal Chaudhari, Bhushan Pawar
CrossRefDOI:10.21090/IJAERD.ETCW20 DownloadDownload

21 An Efficient and Scalable Framework for Peer-to-Peer Clustering and Firework Query Model

Author(s): Bhosale Prachi, Gadve Vaishnavi, Khopade Mayuri, Pawar Kajal, Prof. Shilpa Pimpalkar
CrossRefDOI:10.21090/IJAERD.ETCW21 DownloadDownload

22 Sketch Based Shopping (SBS)

Author(s): Mrs.S.N.Zaware, Saurabh Bhilare, Janhavi Kolte, Rahul Chaudhari, Pranita Deokar.
CrossRefDOI:10.21090/IJAERD.ETCW22 DownloadDownload

23 Create SQL Query Using Natural Language Processing

Author(s): girish navale, dhanashri munde, mrunali nehete, sumit nalbalwar , aakash venkatpurwar
CrossRefDOI:10.21090/IJAERD.ETCW23 DownloadDownload

24 News Feed System for Mobile user based on Location

Author(s): Ameya Dixit,Rahul Gade,Amol Kadam,Ashwini Khilare
CrossRefDOI:10.21090/IJAERD.ETCW24 DownloadDownload

25 KIDS: Keyed Anomaly Detection System

Author(s): Rohan Bendale, Kedar Gokhale, Sanket Nikam,Abhijeet Dhore
CrossRefDOI:10.21090/IJAERD.ETCW25 DownloadDownload

26 Friendbook Recommendation

Author(s): Sanket Ranawade , Rutuja Khedekar , Tejasvi Khedekar , Ajinkya Urankar
CrossRefDOI:10.21090/IJAERD.ETCW26 DownloadDownload

27 Implementing a web crawler in a smart phone mobile application

Author(s): Abhijeet tawde , Jayesh Patil ,Priya kurandale, Sharique khan
CrossRefDOI:10.21090/IJAERD.ETCW27 DownloadDownload

28 Honeyword :Encryption Mechanism in Network Security

Author(s): Prof.P.S.Gaikwad , Aishwarya Sonavane, Jeevan Jena, Pushpa Varsha, Megha Koul
CrossRefDOI:10.21090/IJAERD.ETCW28 DownloadDownload


Author(s): Sumit Sardar, Prashant Paliwal, Ankit Purohit, Chaitanya Shirbhate
CrossRefDOI:10.21090/IJAERD.ETCW29 DownloadDownload

30 A Micro-video recommendation system using improved slope one algorithm based on Big Data

Author(s): Prof. M. P. Nerkar, Shraddha Bhurke, Nikita Kadam, Prajkta kavitake, Komal Handore
CrossRefDOI:10.21090/IJAERD.ETCW30 DownloadDownload

31 Waste Collection Area Monitoring System

Author(s): Bhokare Mansi, Mukul Wadkar, Dhananjay Chumbalkar
CrossRefDOI:10.21090/IJAERD.ETCW31 DownloadDownload

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