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Conference Proceedings

National Conference on Microwave & Optical Communication (NCMOC-2018) Organized By Alagappa Chettiar Government College of Engineering and Technology, Karaikudi on 21, March 2018

International Conference on Momentous Role of Nanomaterials in Renewable Energy Devices (ICMNRE-2018) Organized By Department of Physics, Alagappa University, Karaikudi on 1 - 2 March 2018

National Conference On Spectrum Of Opportunities In Science & Engineering Technology (NCSOSET-2018), Organized By Siddhivinayak Technical Campus, School of Polytechnic & Research Technology, Shegaon on 24 March 2018

International Conference on Creativity and Innovations in Technology Development (ICCITD-2018) on 15th -16th March 2018 Organized by S.S. College of Engineering, Udipur

Technophilia-2018 Organized By JCEIS Jaihind Polytechnic, Kuran

NANO Technology & Applications in Civil Engineering Organize by Institute of Technology & Management Universe(ITM Universe) Vadodara

International Conference of Trends in Information, Management, Engineering and Sciences (ICTIMES) Organized By Mallareddy College of Engineering on 29th -30th Nov. 2017

Two Day National conference on Emerging Trends and Innovations in Electronics and Communication Engineering (ETIECE-2017) held on 26th & 27th August and organised by Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering, BGSB University, Rajouri, J&K

National Conference On Nanomaterials, Volume 4 Special Issue 6

Special Issue on Recent Trends in Data Engineering, Volume 4 Special Issue 05

3rd International Seminar on Utilization of Non Conventional Energy Sources for Sustainable Development of Rural Areas

1ST INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON CURRENT RESEARCH IN ENGINEERING (SIEICON-2017) Organize by Sigma Institute of Engineering,Vadodara on 13th April 2017

National Conference on Applications of NANO Technology in Civil Engineering Organize by Institute of Technology & Management Universe(ITM Universe) Vadodara

Special Session on " Emerging Technologies in the Computer World" organized by Department of Computer Engineering, All India Shri Shivaji Memorial Society's, Institute of Information Technology


National Conference on Emerging Trends in Computer & Electrical Engineering (ETCEE - 2014) March 7-8, 2014, Organized by Atmiya Institute of Technology and Science, Rajkot

National Conference on Recent Research in Engineering and Technology (NCRRET-2015) organizing by Dr. Jivraj Mehta Institute of Technology, Mogar-Anand

National Conference on Emerging Trends in Computer, Electrical & Electronics (ETCEE - 2015), March 13-14, 2015, Organized by Atmiya Institute of Technology and Science, Rajkot

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Conference Issues

National Conference On Nanomaterials, Volume 4 Special Issue 6

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1 Synthesis And Characterization Of Copper Oxide Nanoparticles

Author(s): M.Nirmala, B.Kavitha, P.B.Deepti, R.Abarna
CrossRefDOI:10.21090/IJAERD.NCN01 DownloadDownload, PaperID PaperID: NCN01

2 Sepiolite As An Additive Material-Cathode Preparation For Lithium Sulfur Battery

Author(s): C.Kalaiselvi, M.Sivakumar, R.Subadevi
CrossRefDOI:10.21090/IJAERD.NCN02 DownloadDownload, PaperID PaperID: NCN02

3 Optimization Of S/MnO2 Composite Cathode Material For Lithium Sulfur Batteries

Author(s): G.Radhika, K.Krishnaveni, R.Subadevi, M.Sivakumar
CrossRefDOI:10.21090/IJAERD.NCN03 DownloadDownload, PaperID PaperID: NCN03

4 Physical Properties Of Sulfur Based Binarycomposites For Lithium Sulfur Batteries

Author(s): K.Krishnaveni, G.Radhika, R.Subadevi, M.Sivakumar
CrossRefDOI:10.21090/IJAERD.NCN04 DownloadDownload, PaperID PaperID: NCN04

5 Effect Of Reaction Temperature On Synthesis And Characterization Of Cerium Oxide (CeO2) Nano Particles Via Modified Co-Precipitation Method

Author(s): M.Ramachandran, M.Shanthi, R.Subadevi, M.Sivakumar
CrossRefDOI:10.21090/IJAERD.NCN05 DownloadDownload, PaperID PaperID: NCN05

6 Optimization Of Blend Of Polymethyl Methacrylate (PMMA) With Poly Vinylidene Chloride-Co-Acrylonitrile (PVdC-co-AN) Composite Electrolytes

Author(s): M.Shanthi, R.Subadevi, M.Ramachandran, M.Sivakumar
CrossRefDOI:10.21090/IJAERD.NCN06 DownloadDownload, PaperID PaperID: NCN06

7 Effect Of ZrO2 Nanofiller On The Electrochemical Characteristics Of Composite Polymer Electrolytes Based On (PVDC-AN) Copolymer

Author(s): M.Shanthi, R.Subadevi, M.Ramachandran, M.Sivakumar
CrossRefDOI:10.21090/IJAERD.NCN07 DownloadDownload, PaperID PaperID: NCN07

8 Study of Synthesis and characterization of P2 type layered Na2/3[Ni1/3Mn2/3] O2 cathode material for sodium ion secondary batteries

Author(s): P.Arjunan, R.Subadevi, M.Sivakumar
CrossRefDOI:10.21090/IJAERD.NCN08 DownloadDownload, PaperID PaperID: NCN08

9 Studies On Silica Wrapping sulfur Electrode Material For Lithium Sulfur Batteries

Author(s): P.Rajkumar, M.Sivakumar, R.Subadevi
CrossRefDOI:10.21090/IJAERD.NCN09 DownloadDownload, PaperID PaperID: NCN09

10 Co-doped lithium ironorthosilicatenano cathode materials for plug in electric vehicles

Author(s): R.Dhanalakshmi, K.Diwakar, P.Rajkumar, X.Christin Vinotha, R.Subadevi, M.Sivakumar
CrossRefDOI:10.21090/IJAERD.NCN10 DownloadDownload, PaperID PaperID: NCN10

11 The Preparation Of Fe-Transition-Metal Oxide Host Silicate As A Positive Electrode Candidate For Li-Ion Secondary Batteries

Author(s): V.Meenakshi, R.Dhanalakshmi, R.Subadevi, M.Sivakumar
CrossRefDOI:10.21090/IJAERD.NCN11 DownloadDownload, PaperID PaperID: NCN11

12 Structural Studies Of NaFePO4 Nanocomposite For Sodium Ion Batteries

Author(s): V. Priyanka, R.Subadevi, M.Sivakumar
CrossRefDOI:10.21090/IJAERD.NCN12 DownloadDownload, PaperID PaperID: NCN12

13 Phase evolution and surface morphology study of zinc chromite nanoparticles

Author(s): Anand Yadav, Pankaj Choudhary, S. Barfa, Dinesh Varshney
CrossRefDOI:10.21090/IJAERD.NCN13 DownloadDownload, PaperID PaperID: NCN13

14 Structural And Optical Properties Of CdO Thin Films Prepared By Chemical Method

Author(s): B. Kavitha, M. Nirmala, K.Meenakshi priya, A.Keerthana
CrossRefDOI:10.21090/IJAERD.NCN14 DownloadDownload, PaperID PaperID: NCN14

15 Influence Of Transition Metal Nickel On Semiconductor Tin Oxide

Author(s): T.V.Banumathi, G.Asha
CrossRefDOI:10.21090/IJAERD.NCN15 DownloadDownload, PaperID PaperID: NCN15

16 Effect of pH on Thermoelectric Oxide Ca3Co4O9

Author(s): S. Berbeth Mary, D. Edward Christy, A. Panithra Amuthini, A. Leo Rajesh
CrossRefDOI:10.21090/IJAERD.NCN16 DownloadDownload, PaperID PaperID: NCN16

17 Hydrothermal Synthesis of Perovskite Oxides CaMnO3 and SrMnO3

Author(s): S. Berbeth Mary, D.Edward Christy, S. Selvakumari, A. Leo Rajesh
CrossRefDOI:10.21090/IJAERD.NCN17 DownloadDownload, PaperID PaperID: NCN17

18 Synthesis, growth, structural, optical, spectroscopic, thermal and nonlinear optical studies of L-proline doped potassium dihydrogen phosphate single crystals

Author(s): C. Babu, G. Srinivasan
CrossRefDOI:10.21090/IJAERD.NCN18 DownloadDownload, PaperID PaperID: NCN18

19 Ultrasonic Studies and Compressibility behavior of Intermolecular interactions of L-Arginine in Aqueous Fructose solutions at 303, 308 and 313K

Author(s): R. Chithra Devi
CrossRefDOI:10.21090/IJAERD.NCN19 DownloadDownload, PaperID PaperID: NCN19

20 Removal of reactive blue 52 dye from aqueous solution by adsorption on the surface of metal doped polyaniline nanocomposite

Author(s): D. Anusha, T.Vimala, U.D.Lingeswari
CrossRefDOI:10.21090/IJAERD.NCN20 DownloadDownload, PaperID PaperID: NCN20

21 Large Scale Synthesis Of CdFe2O4 Nanoparticles Via Sol-Gel Method

Author(s): S.Karthikeyan, M.Selvapandiyan
CrossRefDOI:10.21090/IJAERD.NCN21 DownloadDownload, PaperID PaperID: NCN21

22 Synthesis and Characterization of Copper Oxide (CuO) Nanoparticles by Solution Combustion Method

Author(s): S.Janet Priscilla, R.Daniel, S.Gayathri, J.Junita, D.Hanitha, Caroline ponraj, K.Sivaji
CrossRefDOI:10.21090/IJAERD.NCN22 DownloadDownload, PaperID PaperID: NCN22

23 Influence of Etching time on Refractive index of Nanocrystalline Porous Silicon

Author(s): K. Kulathuraan
CrossRefDOI:10.21090/IJAERD.NCN23 DownloadDownload, PaperID PaperID: NCN23

24 Adsorption Of Naphthol Blue Black-B Dye From Aqueous Solution By Low-Cost Agricultural Byproduct Sago Waste

Author(s): Ms.M.Karthika, Dr.M.Vasuki
CrossRefDOI:10.21090/IJAERD.NCN24 DownloadDownload, PaperID PaperID: NCN24

25 Structural, morphological and dielectric studies of (0.5) La0.8Sr0.2MnO3 + (0.5) Ba0.5K0.5TiO3 composite

Author(s): M. S. Malla, Dinesh Varshney
CrossRefDOI:10.21090/IJAERD.NCN25 DownloadDownload, PaperID PaperID: NCN25

26 Synthesis And Structural Analysis Of Doped And Un Doped Cadmium Sulphide Nano Particles

Author(s): A. Maria Bernadette Leena, K. Raji
CrossRefDOI:10.21090/IJAERD.NCN26 DownloadDownload, PaperID PaperID: NCN26

27 Preparation and Characterization of ZnO Thin Films By SILAR Method

Author(s): M.Nirmala, B.Kavitha, G.Nanadhini, C.prema
CrossRefDOI:10.21090/IJAERD.NCN27 DownloadDownload, PaperID PaperID: NCN27

28 Structural and Dielectric properties of Ti doped Zn0.94Cd0.06O

Author(s): Pallavi Saxena, M. S. Malla, P. Choudhary, Dinesh Varshney
CrossRefDOI:10.21090/IJAERD.NCN28 DownloadDownload, PaperID PaperID: NCN28

29 Structural and electrical properties of low temperature fire Mn-Zn nano ferrite for high frequency application

Author(s): Pankaj Choudhary, A. Yadav, P. Saxena, A. K. Sinha, Dinesh Varshney
CrossRefDOI:10.21090/IJAERD.NCN29 DownloadDownload, PaperID PaperID: NCN29

30 Structural, optical, antibacterial properties of cerium oxide nanoparticles prepared by green synthesis method using medicinal plant Syzygiumcumini leaf extract

Author(s): S. Parvathy, S. R. Elavarasu, R. Meena
CrossRefDOI:10.21090/IJAERD.NCN30 DownloadDownload, PaperID PaperID: NCN30

31 Dielectric And Mechanical Properties Of A Non Linear Optical Crystal: Antimony Potassium Tartrate

Author(s): G.K.Priya Merline, M.Chitra
CrossRefDOI:10.21090/IJAERD.NCN31 DownloadDownload, PaperID PaperID: NCN31

32 Dielectric study of polar binary fluid (Ethyl acetate + Diethylamine) and non polar hybrid CuO nano fluid (CuO + Diethylamine + Benzene)

Author(s): Rohini.B, Kingson Solomon Jeevaraj.A
CrossRefDOI:10.21090/IJAERD.NCN32 DownloadDownload, PaperID PaperID: NCN32

33 Photoluminescence of Reactive Plasma Synthesized ZrO2 Nanoparticles

Author(s): S. Jayakumar, K. Senthil kumaran, J.Poongkothai, G.K.D. Prasanna venkatesan
CrossRefDOI:10.21090/IJAERD.NCN33 DownloadDownload, PaperID PaperID: NCN33

34 Supramolecular architectures in cadmium (II) - thiocyanate complex of 2-amino 4,6-dimethyl pyrimidine

Author(s): M. Saranya, A. Subashini, C. Arunagiri, A. Karthikeyan, P.Thomas Muthiah
CrossRefDOI:10.21090/IJAERD.NCN34 DownloadDownload, PaperID PaperID: NCN34

35 Hybrid PVA-In2O3 Nano Thin Film for Transparent Optical Devices

Author(s): Sathish Sugumaran, Dinesh Muthu, Chandar Shekar Bellan, Dinesh Bheeman, Sharmila Chandran
CrossRefDOI:10.21090/IJAERD.NCN35 DownloadDownload, PaperID PaperID: NCN35

36 Luminescence and Structural Properties on Sm3+ doped KBr single crystals

Author(s): D.Roobanguru, S.Bangaru
CrossRefDOI:10.21090/IJAERD.NCN36 DownloadDownload, PaperID PaperID: NCN36

37 Thermoluminescence Behaviour In The KBr : Sm3+ Tb3+ Single Crystals

Author(s): K.Saradha, S.Bangaru
CrossRefDOI:10.21090/IJAERD.NCN37 DownloadDownload, PaperID PaperID: NCN37

38 Luminescence properties on Tm3+ doped KBr single crystals

Author(s): V.Shanmugam, S.Bangaru
CrossRefDOI:10.21090/IJAERD.NCN38 DownloadDownload, PaperID PaperID: NCN38

39 Structural And Mechanical Properties On Tb3+ Doped KBr Single Crystals

Author(s): S.Bharani, S.Bangaru
CrossRefDOI:10.21090/IJAERD.NCN39 DownloadDownload, PaperID PaperID: NCN39

40 Ultrasonic investigations of p-cresol with dimethyl formamide

Author(s): Senthamil Selvi C, Sampath Kumar R, Mallika P, Thillaiyadi Valliammai C, Thenmozhi C
CrossRefDOI:10.21090/IJAERD.NCN40 DownloadDownload, PaperID PaperID: NCN40

41 Investigation on the structural and thermal properties of rare earth La0.8Na0.2MnO3 manganite

Author(s): S. Tiwari, M. Saleem, Dinesh Varshney
CrossRefDOI:10.21090/IJAERD.NCN41 DownloadDownload, PaperID PaperID: NCN41

42 Structural, Morphological And Magnetic Studies Of α-Fe2O3 Milled Powders

Author(s): B.Nirmala, A.Priya, C.Kamali, M.Kaleeswari
CrossRefDOI:10.21090/IJAERD.NCN42 DownloadDownload, PaperID PaperID: NCN42

43 Synthesis And Characterisation Of ZnO And Siver Doped ZnO Nanoparticles

Author(s): B.Nirmala , N.Jayalakshmi, G.Saraswathi, A.Keerthana
CrossRefDOI:10.21090/IJAERD.NCN43 DownloadDownload, PaperID PaperID: NCN43

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