Application of Fuzzy Logic to Develop a Model for Cable Reeling Drum Parameters


  • Tanvi K. Chaudhari Dr. Jivraj Mehta Institute of Technology,Department of Mechanical Engineering, Mogar, India.
  • Prakash N. Vasava Vadodara Institute of Engineering,Department of Mechanical Engineering, Vadodara, India
  • Vivek S. Ayar Chamos Matrusanstha Department of Mechanical Engineering,Changa, India


CRD, MAMDANIFIS, Modeling & Simulation


For any system, it is important to establish
relationship between control parameters and performance
parameters .Today many modeling techniques available to
establish relationship between performance parameters and
control parameters for material handling equipments.
Application of fuzzy logic Technique provide a nonfunctional, time saving, free form approach to capture effect
of control parameters like Cable diameter ,Cable length,
Travel speed etc. on performance parameters like Inner
diameter of drum ,Number of teeth of sprocket ,Motor RPM
etc. for cable reeling drum. Also result of Fuzzy model is
compared with Mathematical Model, which is developed by
using data fit software. There are three membership
function used for both inputs and outputs parameter in
mamdani type fuzzy inference engine of MATLAB.



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