A Survey: Different Techniques of Multi-view Image Registration


  • Ms.Mital Patel Computer Department,Gujarat Technological University
  • Dr.N. M. Patel Computer Department,Gujarat Technological University B.V.M Engineering College India
  • Dr.Mehfuza Holia Electronics Department, Gujarat Technological University, B.V.M Engineering College India


Image registration, feature detection, feature matching, mapping function, Harris, SIFT, RANSAC


This paper aims to present review of different techniques used for multi-view image registration. Multi-view image
registration is used in the field of video conferencing, 3D image reconstruction, generating large field of view and satellite imaging.
It can also be used for mosaicing based localization, shape recovery and motion detection and tracking. The key steps of multi-view
image registration are feature detection and feature matching. A lot of researchers have worked in the area of multi-view image
registration. Based on their nature different reviewed approach is classified as area-based methods and feature-basedmethods. The
advantages and disadvantages of different approaches are mentioned in this paper. The main goal of the paper is to provide a
detailed reference source for the researchers involved in multi-view image registration.



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Ms.Mital Patel, Dr.N. M. Patel, & Dr.Mehfuza Holia. (2022). A Survey: Different Techniques of Multi-view Image Registration. International Journal of Advance Engineering and Research Development (IJAERD), 2(13), -. Retrieved from http://ijaerd.com/index.php/IJAERD/article/view/5676