Conceptual Case Based Approach to Retrieve Java Class Library


  • M. K. Patil Research Student, BVU AKIMSS, Solapur
  • Dr. P. P. Jamsandekar Professor, BVU IMRDA, Sangli




The CBR system is improved by using clustering algorithm with k – NN algorithm. Cases in the class libraries
are clustered into smaller sub sets. The structure is represented by hierarchical manner. The similarity
approach is examined by comparing the structures of retrieval of class libraries. The class library is
maintained with the class, interface, and packages of JAVA programming language.
WE have proposed a model where each case in the repository is an active case and where a hierarchical
structure provides an organization analogy useful to implement the retrieval mechanisms and rules.
Keywords: class library, clustering, retrieval



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M. K. Patil, & Dr. P. P. Jamsandekar. (2022). Conceptual Case Based Approach to Retrieve Java Class Library. International Journal of Advance Engineering and Research Development (IJAERD), 2(13), -. Retrieved from