Botnet and Detection Techniques: A Review


  • Binal Panchal M. Tech Student Department of Computer Engineering MEC, Basna
  • Hardik Upadhyay Assistant Professor Department of Computer Engineering, GPERI, Mehsana.


Botnet, Botnet detection, HTTP Botnet, Data Mining technique


Among the diverse forms of malw are, Botnet is the most w idespread and serious threat which occurs commonly in today's cyberattacks. A botnet is a group of compromised computers which are remotely controlled by attacker to launch various network attacks, such as
DDoS attack, spam, click fraud, identity theft and information phishing. Botnet has become a popular and productive tool behind many cyberattacks. The defining characteristic of botnets is the use of command and control channels through which they can be updated and directed.
Recently malicious botnets evolve into HTTP botnets out of typical IRC botnets. Data mining algorithms allow us to automate detecting
characteristics from large amount of data, which the conventional heuristics and signature based methods could not apply.



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