COPEMO: A Continuous Project Evaluation Process MOdel


  • Arpit Mehta Asst.Professor in Computer Science Department at DJMIT Mogar
  • Hitesh Vaghela Asst.Professor in Computer Science Department at DJMIT Mogar


process model; cost estimation; continuous evaluation; project planning; team synchronization and stabilization


-Team synchronization and stabilization are
essential especially for large software projects. However,
often little is done to assess and reduce the uncertainties
and knowledge gaps that exist within the project. As the
project progresses through its life cycle, the team can gain
more information about the project and team’s capabilities.
These necessary data can be obtained through performing
assessments on the team and project. As these
assessments procedures are often complex, discouraging,
and difficult to analyze, an effective framew ork and tool
support can greatly enhance the process. Hence, with
improved assessment method software project teams can
quickly gather the necessary data, determine the actions to
improve performance, and result in an improved project
outcome in the end. The A COntinious Project Evaluation
Process MOdel (COPEPMO) is a framework developed to
effectively improve team synchronization and stabilization
as well as project effort estimation and scoping by enabling
software development teams to quickly track project
progress, continuously assess team performance, and
make adjustments to the project estimates as necessary.



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