A Study of Energy-Aware Routing Techniques in Mobile Adhoc Networks


  • Yoothika S. Patel Asst. Professor, Computer Science & Engineering Dept. Dr. Jivraj Mehta Institute Of Technology, Mogar


MANET, AODV,energy efficiency, network lifetime, routing protocols


A Mobile Adhoc Networks (MANETs) is composed of
a group of mobile and wireless nodes which does not use a
centralized structure or base station system. There are several
issues needed to be addressed for smooth and effective functioning
of MANET. One such issue for almost all kinds of mobile nodes
supported by battery powers is Energy Saving. Energy is a limited
resource; hence, how to extend the lifetime of batteries is an
important issue, especially for MANET, which is totally supported
by batteries. In this paper, various ways for getting energy efficient
AODV (Ad-hoc On-demand Distance Vector) routing protocol,
have been studied which could be modified to improve the
networks lifetime in MANET. A solution can be proposed based on
considering the energy of each node because each node's energy
state has a huge influence on the entire network lifetime.



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