Comparison of Dynamic Scheduling Algorithm for Real Time Operating System


  • HemangThakar AssistantProfessor,CSED e pa rt m ent D J M I T


EDF,MLF and RMScheduling Algorithms,RealTimeOperatingSystems.


Real timesystem isdivided in to two algorithms static
and dynamic. Both algorithmwant to complete his job in
givendeadline or before deadline but no onealgorithmare
successfullycompletehis jobin overloadedandunderloadedsituation.
Dynamicalgorithmabletogive optimalresultinunder- loaded
situationbut not abletogivesame resultinov er-loaded
situation.Staticalgorithmnotabletogiveoptimalresultinunderloadedsituation butabletoperformwell inover-loaded situation.
situation andgivehigh resultin ov er-loadedsituation. We are serving
dynamic scheduling algorithms like EDF (Earlierdead line first),
MLF (Minimum Laxity First) and RM algorithms perform well in
overloaded situation. Here servingthat EDF, M LFandRMalgorithms
togivearesultinunder-loadedsituation and inoverloaded situation.



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