Study of malicious node effect on Mobile Ad-hoc Network


  • Bhupendra B. Patel Asst. Professor, Computer Science & Engineering Dept. Dr. Jivraj Mehta Institute of Technology, Mogar,Anand


MANET, Malicious Node, Routing Protocol, attacks.


The MANET stands for Mobile ad-hoc
networks, as per user requirements it will connect or
disconnect from network. The MANET is creating
dynamic topology without any kind of centralized
administration. The suitable routing protocol is
crucial for improved communication in MANET. In
MANET basically two types of routing protocols
works for data transfer, the first one is reactive
routing protocol and another one is proactive routing
protocol. The MANET is work on open environment
due to this reduce the routing protocol performance
because the performance is effected by the malicious
node. Malicious node either directly or indirectly
affect to the network or routing performance. In
various kind of attack happen on MANET
environment like, Black hole attack, Denial of Service
attack, eavesdropping, Sybil attack etc.



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