Implementation of Three Phase 12-Step VSI with Harmonics Reduction


  • Mayur H. Maheswari Electrical department, Dr. Jivraj Mehta Institute of Technology, Mogar, Gujarat
  • Madhusudan V. Gohil Electrical department, Vadodara institute Of Engineering, Gujarat, India.
  • Mayuri tahilramani -


Voltage Source Inverter; AT89C51; 150° Conduction mode; Harmonic analysis;


In this paper a novel circuit topology for
reducing the harmonics in the output voltage of a three-phase
voltage-source inverter is proposed. It is found that in
comparison with conventional conduction modes like 120°
and 180°, there are introduced less harmonics with 150°
conduction mode. The quality of output voltage can be
improved by only changing the conduction mode which is
very simple to implement. In this paper, the scheme is
implemented and tested for 1.5kW, 50 Hz VSI. The control
signals are generated using AT89C51 microcontroller. The
output waveforms under various load conditions were
examined, analyzed and verified.



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Mayur H. Maheswari, Madhusudan V. Gohil, & Mayuri tahilramani. (2022). Implementation of Three Phase 12-Step VSI with Harmonics Reduction. International Journal of Advance Engineering and Research Development (IJAERD), 2(13), -. Retrieved from