7 level multilevel inverter to be used in food preservation system


  • Mrs.Priyanka A.Khunkar Asst. Professor,Electrical Dept. Dr.Jivraj Mehta Institute Of Technology, Gujrat, INDIA


Multilevel inverter, harmonic.


Multilevel inverters are widely used presently with
non conventional energy sources like solar, fuel cell. The source
has lower individual voltage level. Conventional inverter
technique uses bulky transformer and high rating devices while
in multilevel inverter there is no transformer and level is boosted
by cascading switching devices in particular order. Naturally the
waveform is not pure sine and harmonics are present. The paper
describes. The proposed methodology was based on the non
conventional sources produce low level voltage levels. It make
multilevel inverter technique is useful. The application part
consists of real requirement in rural area where there is load
shading problem to preserve vegetable where supply source is
only solar energy. Our system is suitable in area where
uninterrupted supply is required like food preservation & kidney
dialysis system.
Here 7level MLI is considered for analysis.



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