“An Authentic control of Voltage Profile Using PMU through GPS System


  • Prof. Amarpal Kanojiya Asst. Prof. Electrical Dept. DJMIT-ANADND
  • Prof. Amit Patel Asst. Prof. Electrical Dept DJMIT-ANADND


PHEV(Pluggable Hybrid Electric Vehicle ), Intelligence Control System (ICS), Wide Area Measurement System (WAMS),Reactive Control Device (RCD),Phasor Measurement Units(PMU),Electrical Measurement Units(EMS)


Nowadays the increase of power electronic devices at
the distributed side, which has ability to provide power factor
correction and reactive power control at the same end. The
device connect to distributed side are resonant converter, saticVar compensator, power buffer, solar panels, and pluggable
hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs ),Such equipment are not
presently utilized by the power system to fulfill the reactive
power for unity voltage profile. The integration of these enduser RCD are done to support the grid via a secure
communications infrastructure.The real time data of bus
system measured by PMU and transfer to control center
through GPS system. PMU and SCADA measurement data
can be displayed in the same line monitoring and displaying
on power substations. Ttraditionally the un-authentic
communication network has used via fiber-based networks,
cellular network, Wi-Fi and Wi-Max networks as well as more
ad-hoc radio and wireless mesh networks.in this paper the new
communication network with authentic signature is suggested
and also the optimal placement of PMUs Due high cost



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