Control for Grid Connected and Intentional Islanding Operation of Distributed Generation System


  • Sajid Vorha PG Student Power System, Anand
  • Prof. I.A. Sheikh Assistant professor
  • Associate professor GCET, V.V.Nagar


Distribution Generation, Grid Connected Operation, Islanding Operation, Result and Discussion


This paper presents a complete model of a typical
micro-grid and identification of the required control
strategies in order to operate this new type of power
system. Many problems solve the using of individual
distribution generation. A better way to realize the
emerging potential of distributed generation is to take
a system approach which views generation and
associated loads as a subsystem or a “micro-grid”.
The micro-grids are new concepts of electrical power
consist of Distribution Generation, Renewable
Energy Resources and Sensitive as well as Nonsensitive load. These sources are operating in parallel
to the grid and it can operate in islanding mode.
During the disturbances the generation and load are
not match then the load and generation separating
islanding mode without harming the transmission line
or grid. Intentional islanding describes the condition
in which a micro-grid or a portion of the power grid,
which consists of a load and a distributed generation
system, is isolated from the grid system. In this
situation, it is important for the micro-grid to
continue to provide adequate power to the load.
Under normal operation, each DG inverter system in
the micro-grid usually works in constant current
control mode in order to provide a preset power to
the main grid. When the micro-grid is isolate from
the main grid, each DG inverter system must detect
this islanding situation and must switch to a voltage
control mode. In this mode, the micro-grid will
provide a constant voltage to the local load. This
paper describes a control strategy that is used to
implement grid-connected and intentional-islanding
operations of distributed power generation. The
control strategies have proven their robustness and
effectiveness in controlling the operation of microgrid while maintaining system stability.



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