Water and Wastewater Quality Monitoring


  • Krunali Patel Civil Engineering Department Dr. Jivraj Mehta Institute of Technology Anand, India


pH, total suspended solids (TSS), total dissolved solids (TDS), biochemical oxygen demand (BOD), chemical oxygen demand (COD), dissolved oxygen.


Water and Wastewater are of great concern to any of
the developing countries. Bad water quality is creating problem
to civilians of country too. These water and wastewater samples
are required to bring them to proper standards. Government and
private firms are working for proper and perfect reuse of
wastewater. Water standards are define by Indian Standard
codes, these standard are require for differ use of water such as
drinking, washing, cleaning, gardening, etc. water and waste
water sample were collected from various industries and waste
water treatment plant. Tests are perform on water to found
standard of water like DO, TSS, BOD, COD, pH value,
alkalinity, turbidity, etc. According to test result treatments are
provided to water sample to eliminate more or less proportion of
constituent in sample. Pollution can be reduced and water quality
can be increase. This indirectly helps civilian as well as earth to
reduce pollution from earth.



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