Advanced Technology used in Topography Survey


  • Ashish V Talati Civil Engineering Dr. Jivraj Mehta Institute of Technology Anand, India
  • Vaishakhi a talati Civil Engineering Dr. Jivraj Mehta Institute of Technology Anand, India


Triangulation E-survey; Terra model; DTM; Geo pointsg; co-ordinates


Application of Direct Topographic Methods In
general, Land surveys which are a part of topography surveys
are mostly carried out by photogrammetry or other remote -
sensing processes. Terra model provides superior Digital Terrain
Model (DTM) creation and manipulation tools for large
projects—Terra model is capable of forming TIN DTMs with up
to 8 million points. This makes it the package of choice for
manipulating data from airborne or terrestrial laser scanners,
photogrammetry projects, and hydrographic multi beam
bathymetry systems. Terra model also gives civil engineers a
complete tool set for design that enhances capabilities and
productivity from the initial survey to final construction. Terra
model supports the design of roads, bridges, railways, sewers,
surfaces, commercial or residential sites, and new infrastructure
with advanced design concepts. Projects are modeled using plan,
profile, and cross-section views. Terra model manages large jobs
easily as the software handles hundreds of thousands of points
and seamlessly integrates survey and construction data in a single
project file



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