“A study of Macroscopic Traffic Stream Parameters for Undivided Collector Streets in India”


  • Rinkal T. Patel Assistant Professor, CGPIT, Bardoli
  • Shree Chetan. R. Patel Assistant Professor, CED SVNIT
  • Dr. G. J. Joshi Associate Professor, Transportation Engineering and Planning, SVNIT, Surat


Heterogeneity, Collector Road, Q-K-V models, Greenshield’s model


Indian traffic is highly heterogeneous which consist
of wide variety of vehicles in terms of static and dynamic
characteristics. Due to heterogeneity of traffic, analysis of
traffic stream parameter become complex in nature.
Collector road is a part of urban street hierarchy whose
function is to collect traffic from local streets and distribute
the traffic to arterial and sub-arterial streets or vice-versa.
Collectors are designed to provide a greater balance between
mobility and land access within residential, commercial, and
industrial areas. Hence proper planning for collector Street
is important for efficiency of network of the urban road
system. Hence the traffic characteristics are very important
in case of Collector Street. In view of this, attempt has been
made to study traffic flow behaviour on macroscopic scale
by deriving relationship between speed (V), flow (Q) and
density (K) for a selected stretch of collector street.
Bhubaneswar the largest city of the Indian state of Orissa is
selected for the study. Field traffic surveys were carried out
on typical week day and traffic data was extracted. The
extracted data are analyzed in terms of vehicle composition,
directional split, and space mean speed. Parameters like
capacity, optimal density, optimal speed and jam density are
derived from the Q-K-V models. Results are compared with
the IRC prescribed capacities and also with the traditional
Greenshield’s model.



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Rinkal T. Patel, Shree Chetan. R. Patel, & Dr. G. J. Joshi. (2022). “A study of Macroscopic Traffic Stream Parameters for Undivided Collector Streets in India”. International Journal of Advance Engineering and Research Development (IJAERD), 2(13), -. Retrieved from http://ijaerd.com/index.php/IJAERD/article/view/5739