Actual and Analytical status of steel reinforcement on various buiilding projects


  • Rakesh J. Hingu Civil Department,Dr Jivraj Mehta Institute of Technology,Mogar, India


wastage, steel reinforcement, material, estimate.


In present economic situation, owners are investing
scare resources, worth crores of rupees in countless projects. The
investors / owners naturally have a right and are interested in “best
value for the money spent” The construction projects, there are
numbers of constraints which effect output e.g. Labor,
Environment, Location etc. So, Zero wastage is not possible for any
type of project. The aim of this study work is to find reasons of
material wastage on construction site of multi storied buildings and
how it can be minimized. So, overall project cost can be reduced or
profit maximized. The study deals with basic contents ( like
classification of wastage, definition and mythological issue etc ),
various material management functions like reduction of wastage,
material storage , site location , Quality control, site security,
inventory control etc. the study involves study of five multi storied
R.C.C. frame structure building like Educational building, Hospital
building, Hostel building. But same approach can also become
helpful in complex or industrial project. Data on estimated and
actual consumption of major materials mainly: cement collected.
For each projects negative variance or wastage worked out. From
this wastage, gross wastivity calculated which effected on
productivity or project. The analysis of data of various projects
indicates that consumption of material or extent of wastage
dependent on the various factors like primarily site and space,
project management , construction methodology , manpower
planning , material and equipment management et



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