Comparison of losses due to pre-stressing in concrete box girder and steel plate girder


  • Asst. Proff. Pratiti Maulik Bhatt Civil Department Dr Jivraj Mehta Institute of Technology Mogar, India
  • Asst. Proff Sandip P. Mistry Civil Department A. D. Patel Institute of Technology, New Vidhyanagar, India


Pre-stress concrete, Box Girder, Pre-stress steel, plate girder SAP, Tendons, Losses


Design of PSC multi-cell box girder is
carried out by considering the data of existing bridge.
The analysis is carried out by preparing a bridge model
in SAP2000. Using the analysis value of same model
design of box carried out. For the design of deck slab,
separate model is created by considering different IRC
class loadings. Then pre-stressing force is found out to
counteract deformation due to dead load considering all
the loss calculation. At last different checks are carried
out to check the serviceability of structure.
The need for conservation of important construction
material like steel has motivated divergent thinking
amongst Engineers. Pre-stressed Metal Structures have
proved to be economical as compared to normal Metal
Structures and many such structures have been existing
in Europe and USA.
Comparison of losses in pre-stressing is done
between PSC multi-cell box girder and Pre-stressed
steel plate girder to check the economy.



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