Application of Fuzzy logic in Noise Pollution & Air Quality - Review


  • K. A.Chitnis -
  • A.K.Khambete -


Fuzzy logic, Air Quality, Noise Pllution, Fuzzy Rule Based System, Fuzzy set theory,Air Pollution, Speech Interference.


Fuzzy means blurred, indistinct in shape or outline. In modern mathematical society, fuzzy is defined as a branch of modern mathematics
that w as formulated by Zadeh 1965 to model vagueness intrinsic in human cognitive process and to solve ill-defined and complicated problems because
of ambiguous, incomplete, vague, and imprecise information that characterize the real-world system.Fuzzy logic has become a common w ay of dealing
with information in various fields, such as control theory, smart machines, and investment analysis.Fuzzy Logic applications have been used in field of
environmnental engineering field as well. Various research works has been carried out on different aspects of environment engineering such as Air quality, Noise Pollution, Water Qualty, Environment Impact Assessment, Solid waste Management.In this paper an effort has been made to review such application of fuzzy logic in Air Quality assessment and Noise Pollution using case studies.



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