Pesticide Industry:A Review of 12th Five Year Plan


  • Mr.Randhavane Shrikant B -
  • Dr.Mrs.A.K.Khambete -


Pesticide Industry,Five Year Plan,Indian Scenerio,Demand and supply,Employment,Action Plan,Strength and opportunities


Pesticide Industry is one of the important industries in Indian Economy and vital for food and nutritional security of nation.With
diminishing cultivable land resources,ensuring food security for more than one billion Indians is hercules task.Agricultural production and
protection technology have to play a crucial role in order to meet the needs of growing population.Substantial food production is lost due to
insect pests,plant pathogens,weeds,rodents,birds,nemates,etc.This paper focuses on various angles related to pesticide industry keeping
in mind 12th Five Year Plan.



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