Research survey on AASR protocol for Adversarial Environments in MANETS


  • Nirav Kotadia Computer Engineering, SVIT vasad
  • Keyur Upadhyay Computer Engineering, SVIT vasad


Anonymous Routing, Authenticated Routing, Onion Routing, Mobile Ad hoc Networks, trust value


Anonymous communications are vital for several applications of the mobile unplanned networks (MANETs)
deployed in someone environments. A significant demand on the network is to produce unidentifiability and unlinkability
for mobile nodes and their traffics. Though variety of anonymous secure routing protocols is projected, the necessity isn't
absolutely glad. The present protocols are susceptible to the attacks of pretend routing packets or denial-of-service
(DoS) broadcasting, even the node identities are protected by pseudonyms. a brand new routing protocol is projected,
i.e., documented anonymous secure routing (AASR), to satisfy the necessity and defend the attacks. Additional
specifically, the route request packets are documented by a gaggle signature, to defend the pot ential active attacks while
not unveiling the node identities.



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