Enhancement in Voltage Stability using Switched Capacitor Compensation


  • Gaurang Patel Electrical Dept, P.I.E.T
  • Deepa Karvat Asst. Professor Electrical Dept, P.I.E.T
  • Jekshan Patel Electrical Dept, P.I.E.T
  • Divya Chaudhar Electrical Dept, P.I.E.T


SCC; Dynamic error driven loop; Line Stability Index; IEEE14 Bus


This paper presents a novel hybrid series-parallel switched/modulated FACTS-based filter/compensation
scheme (SCC) developed by the First Author for voltage stability enhancement. The proposed FACTS filter/compensation
device comprises a hybrid series and shunt switched capacitor-banks controlled by a dynamic time decoupled multiregulator multi--loop dynamic error driven controller. The effectiveness of the proposed low cost Pulse Width Modulated
(PWM) scheme is validated using MATLAB-Simulink digital simulation results. The coordinated dynamic controller
ensures FACTS device effectiveness in limiting inrush current conditions, enhancing bus voltage stabilization, improving
feeder voltage regulation, reducing total harmonic distortion, and enhancing power factor at both source and load
buses. For it’s optimal location L-index is calculated. And it was proved by the IEEE14 Bus test system using Matlab
Simulink. The voltage stability is enhance at last was proven by using the test model.



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Gaurang Patel, Deepa Karvat, Jekshan Patel, & Divya Chaudhar. (2015). Enhancement in Voltage Stability using Switched Capacitor Compensation. International Journal of Advance Engineering and Research Development (IJAERD), 2(5), 852–856. Retrieved from https://ijaerd.com/index.php/IJAERD/article/view/1105