Fuel Cell Based Grid Connected Power Generation System


  • Bhargav D. Bagiya P.G student,Electrical Engineering Department, SCET,Surat
  • Dr. Hardik P. Desai Assistant Professor,Electrical Engineering Department, SCET,Surat


Fuel cell, Boost Converter, SPWM Inverter, LC Filter, Control system


 Uses Of Renewable Energy Sources like a Solar, Pv cells, Wind Energy, Fuel cell etc. In this The sis We Used
Pollution Free Energy source As a Fuel cell For the Decreasing The Green House effect and also Decreasing size or
Area of the equipment, also produces almost no Carbon Dioxide. In this thesis we introduced the power electronic
interface for grid-connected fuel cell power generation system. Fuel cell and power electronic interface is addition of
DC-DC Converter and DC-AC Inverter. Needed Of DC-DC Converter Because of the Fuel cell Voltage Is Low And with
This low voltage It can not Applied on any generation equipment that’s why A simple Circuit configuration using for the
DC-DC converter Because of the high step up gain for boosting out the voltage for the fuel cell lower voltage. Also
feeding for the minimizing the current ripple of the fuel cell by controlling dc-dc power converter. DC-AC inverter
multilevel topology using for the conversion into AC with feeding into the grid supply system and load for using .A
Mathematical Model of the fuel cell in mat lab is introduced in this thesis the result of the output voltage, efficiency and
losses of the chemical reaction of the fuel cell. Main purpose of this topology is 1200W load sharing for the household



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