Flow Control Loop Analysis for System Modeling & Identification


  • J.S Rajashekar Faculty of Instrumentation Technology, Dayananda Sagar College of Engineering, Bangalore and Research scholar of Jain University, Bangalore, Karnataka, India
  • Dr. S.C. Prasanna Kumar Professor & Head, Department of Instrumentation Technology, R.V. College Engineering, Bangalore, Karnataka, India


Process identification, experimental data, modeling, process control, transfer function, hybrid controller


Process control equipments are designed to operate the plants on a steady state basis and are most important
to determine the performance of automatic control system. Control of the process requires thorough control knowledge,
the behavior of the process components, process details, and inter-relation within the sections of the process plant. The
effects of control components on process identification are backbones of effective and efficient process control. These
components are more susceptible to failure due to many reasons such as degradation o f components, high operating
value, backlash, friction etc. The deterioration of these component may due to wear and tear, hostile atmospheric
conditions, drift due to temperature changes, hysteresis etc. Some faults or abnormality results in non -uniformity in
process output and further may lead to plant shutdown. Modeling of these components provides accurate description of
component dynamics that is helpful for condition monitoring and further for failure analysis.
This paper is concerned with the study & analysis of flow control loop components, where by experimentation carried
out on an industrial type control valve, I/P converter, orifice in the laboratory. Effective data collection of these
components, consisting of literature gathering and some tests such as step and vibration on these components, is
performed using which modeling equations are formed in MATLAB. The raw data can be used to describe system response
and formulate the suitable algorithm using programmable Hybrid controller. Empirical data based modeling and analyses
are the key features of this paper.



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