Self Destructive System for Protecting Data in Peer To Peer System


  • Joshi Maitri N MTech Student, Computer Department CGPIT, UTU, Bardoli, Gujarat, India
  • Fenil A. Khatiwala Assistant Professor, Computer Department, CGPIT, UTU, Bardoli, Gujarat, India


Security, Selfdestruct, Privacy, Encryption, Decryption, Peer-To-Peer


In security, private data of any computer system such as account no, password, private information store that
could be used and misused by third person or an attacker. When any one wants to communicate with multiple user security
will be require more and particularly for peer to peer architecture. The security will be more difficult for protecting the
private data from unauthorized user; a new modified approach is derived. In this approach , bit stuffing algorithm and XOR
operation are combine with RSA.Where Data and key are encrypted. Time based encryption associated a specific time limit
with key. Whenever time limit gets over, key will be destroyed and data cannot be decrypted. The existing approach is then
analyzed with the proposed approach based on the less computational time and better security of private data.



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