Response of Overhead Water tank staging considering Fluid-Structure-soil Interaction


  • Mr. Dixitkumar. B. Patel PG Candidate Structural Engineering Department MIT,piludara,Mehsana,Gujarat,India


RC Elevated water tank Static analysis, dynamic analysis, interaction of soil and structure, Fluid, Finite element Method,FE-ANSYS Software


RC Elevated Water tanks are one of the important and indispensable Structure at time of Earthquake and
especially after the earthquake. During the Past Study of many Failure of ESR. For this reason, relating to Earthquake
behavior of storage tanks has attracted attention of many researchers. Current Approach analysis does Not Consider the
Behavior of Soil Under Neath the Structure it's Know as SSI.Which Cases Affect of EVT Significantly during the time of
Earthquake. The main aim of Study is to behavior of EVT at under different type of soil-layered condition by Using FEANSYS Software to Obtained Result of different Stress pattern and Deformation and Von-Mises Stress and the results will be
compared. Considering the Parameter of Staging System for EVT and different filling (Empty, Half, Full ) condition and five
Kinds of Soil In layered system softer soil (type-1) is placed just blow the foundation and then soil type-2, type-3, type-4 is
medium soil and soil type 5 is placed at bottom and have been used in RC EVT.



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