Computational Intelligence in Power systems


  • Miss Kinna N. Patel Lecturer in Electrical Engineering, Dr.S.&S S Ghandhy College of Engg. &Technology, Surat


Power systems, computational intelligence, artificial intelligence


A continuous and reliable supply of electricity is necessary for the functioning of today’s modern and
advanced society. Since the early to mid 1980s, most of the effort in power systems analysis has turned away from the
methodology of formal mathematical modeling which came from the areas of operations research, control theory and
numerical analysis to the less rigorous and less tedious methods of computational intelligence (CI). Power systems keep
on increasing on the basis of geographical regions, assets additions, and introduction of new technologies in generation,
transmission and distribution of electricity. Computation intelligent (CI) methods can give better solution in several
conditions and are being widely applied in the electrical engineering applications. This paper highlights the application
of computational intelligence methods in power system problems. Various types of CI methods, which are widely used in
power system, are also discussed in the brief.



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