Cell Phone Operated Land Rover Robotic Vehicle


  • Ravindra. A PG Student, Industrial Automation Engineering, VTU PG Studies, Mysuru, Karnataka


Mobile phone, Atmega16 Microcontroller, IC MT8870 DTMF decoder, IC L293D Motor driver, Geared DC Motor


A hint of automation is seen in all the areas of development. Recently it has evolved in the field of
remotely operated robotic vehicle. In the present project work, the DTMF based Cell Phone Operated
Robotic Vehicle system was developed. Replacement of radio frequency controlled robotic vehicle with
DTMF based controlled robot would be a cost effective one. The DTMF decoder were used for controlling
the robotic movement. A microcontroller was employed to control the robotic functions. Output obtained at
motor driver is fed to DC motors, input given through mobile phone. By developing this system and after
knowing results it can be concluded that this system is very much cost effective and robust control operation.



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