Climb Assist Vehicle For Robotic Arm A High Voltage hazard protection device


  • Aditya Devesh Suratkar Mechanical Engineering, Design, EES
  • Anup Jagdish Gehani 3Mechanical Engineering, Design, EES
  • Dhruv Mahesh Mulchandani Mechanical Engineering, Design, EES
  • Sharmil Rajendrabhai Sule Electrical Engineering,Design, EES


Pole climbing bot; Climbing Assist Vehicle; Hazard Protection device; Safety Utility robot; Semi-autonomous vehicle


This paper describes of a robotic vehicle, which is used to procure overhead transmission maintenance. As
in, in most of the developing countries this maintenance is carried out mainly by two methods, which include a crane
with special lift bracket for personals is employed and A skill of pole climbing is employed by individual engineer which
necessities use of safety ropes and braces. In both of the cases the safety level of personnel is highly sensitive as well as
causes of accident are quietly. This paper provides solution to this flaws and to overcome from this we have designed a
assisting robotic vehicle which climbs up the utility pole with manual controls and with the help of this maintenance can
be performed with top accuracy and utmost safety.



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Aditya Devesh Suratkar, Anup Jagdish Gehani, Dhruv Mahesh Mulchandani, & Sharmil Rajendrabhai Sule. (2016). Climb Assist Vehicle For Robotic Arm A High Voltage hazard protection device. International Journal of Advance Engineering and Research Development (IJAERD), 3(7), 153–160. Retrieved from