• Leena Chaudhari Department of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering
  • Priyanka Chalwadi AISSMS Institute of Information Technology, University of Pune, P.O.Box 411001, Pune, India


Freytag, Prepaid power meter, GSM Technology, Prepaid card, LCD, Microcontroller


The aim of this paper is to develop a billing solution for energy consumption just like pre-paid taxi, mobile
phone, petro card etc. The major drawback by using postpaid system is, there is no control of usage from the consumer’s
side and lot of wastage of power due to the consumer’s lack of planning in electrical consumption. Since the supply of
power is limited, there is a need to utilize electricity in efficient way. To overcome this, we are using pre-paid energy
meter billing which deals with GSM for domestic power billing and transaction. In this project GSM technology is used
for reading power consumption and updating the consumed units and available units at consumer point. In this the
current is measured through an analog sensing circuit. The output of the sensing circuit is given to a combination of
analog and digital circuitry whose output is given to the ARM7 Microcontroller LPC2138. The total number of units
consumed is displayed on LCD Screen. By using RFID Tags we can also recharge the units required and complete the
units till power gets disconnect. At the same time consumer will receive message if the units decrease below 10. And the
power will be disconnected automatically.



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