A Searchable and secured data storage without encryption


  • Yathish D P M.Tech, Dept. of CSE, Siddaganga institute of technology, Tumakuru
  • A H Shanthakumara Asst. Prof, Dept. of CSE, Siddaganga institute of technology, Tumakuru


cloud computing, Secret splitting, Secret split datastore, and Long term datastore


Users are storing ever-increasing amounts of information digitally, driven by many factors including
government regulations and the public’s desire to digitally record their personal histories. Maintaining information
privacy is challenging when sharing data across a distributed long-term datastore. In such applications, secret splitting
the data across independent sites has been shown to be a superior alternative to fixed-key encryption.As the amount of
digital assets increase, systems that ensure the durability, integrity, and accessibility of digital data become increasingly
important. Distributed on-line archival storage systems are designed for this very purpose. Fixed-key encryption has also
been used to securely pre-index the data, but in addition to key management issues, it is not well suited for long term
applications. The exposure of a key is bounded by computation effort and management of encryption keys become as
much of a problem as the management of the data the key is protecting. The data structures used are organized in such a
way that an unauthorized user is very difficult to launch targeted attack on the system. The result is a flexible design that
can be applied to both new and existing secret-split data stores.



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