• Dr. P.K.Sharma Head of Department, Mechanical Department, NIIST, Bhopal
  • S.V.Kasar 0115ME11MT07, Mechanical Department Name, NIIST, Bhopal


robots, autonomous, mechanisation, robotic weeding, Phytotechnology Armature


Mechanical cotton cutters, i.e. strippers and pickers are commercially available, but these cannot
be used for cotton harvesting from varieties presently grown in India due to design constraints and ergonomic practices.
Higher initial cost and field capacity make cotton harvesters unsuitable and unaffordable for small and medium farms.
Hence, a comprehensive review of cotton harvesting mechanisms developed till date was carried out. The mechanical
cotton picker is a machine that automates cotton harvesting in a way that reduces harvest time and maximizes efficiency.
To develop a mechanical cotton picker with the intent on replacing manual worker. The first pickers were only capable
of harvesting one row of cotton at a time, but were still able to replace up to forty hand laborers.
Developed agriculture needs to find new ways to improve efficiency for uprooting the cotton crops. One
approach is to utilize available information technologies in the form of more intelligent machines to reduce and goal
energy inputs in more active ways than in the past. Precision Farming has shown benefits of this approach but we can
now move towards a new generation of equipment. The introduction of autonomous system architectures gives us the
opportunity to develop a complete new range of agricultural equipment based on small smart machines that can do the
right device, in the right place, at the right time in the right way.



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