A Review On Capacity And Level Of Service For Urban Road


  • Harita C. Koringa ME Student,MEFGI,Rajkot
  • Prof. Ravindra V. Solanki Assistant Professor, MEFGI, Rajkot
  • Prof. Bindiya N. Patel ssistant Professor, MEFGI, Rajkot


Capacity,Speed,Volume,V/C,Delay,Congestion,Level Of Service(LOS)


Estimation of capacity is fundamental to planning, design and operation of the roads. Now days in India the
traffic is increasing rapidly and traffic volume on roads exceeds the normal limit. Traffic congestion has become a very
serious problem in metropolitan cities because cities have expanded without any planning and control. Capacity is
mainly depends on the speed, flow and density. Level of service is a qualitative measure describing operational
conditions within a traffic stream. In city most of the roads are congested and operate in level of service E or F. The
objective of the study is to increase the urban road capacity and to improve the level of service of urban road.



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Harita C. Koringa, Prof. Ravindra V. Solanki, & Prof. Bindiya N. Patel. (2017). A Review On Capacity And Level Of Service For Urban Road. International Journal of Advance Engineering and Research Development (IJAERD), 4(2), 16–18. Retrieved from https://ijaerd.com/index.php/IJAERD/article/view/1879