RC Structure Retrofitting by CFRP


  • Jitendra Patel 1Civil Engineering/LDRP ITR, Gandhinagar
  • Kinnari Mishra Civil Engineering/LDRP ITR Gandhinagar


Repair, Restoration, Retrofitting, Carbon Fibre, Wrapping, Durability, Light weight


Some existing reinforced concrete structures do not have sufficient seismic capacity, therefore, various
retrofitting techniques are proposed. However, such techniques are not always adequate from the viewpoint of the
increase in weight and the maintenance of the function. In order to overcome these problems, The method developed a
new method using carbon fibre, which is a material of high strength, light weight and good durability, and recently
developed as a 'high-tech' material. In this paper, basic design, application techniques and durability of carbon fibre are
introduced. This reinforcing system is more economical than conventional ones, and it has been used to improve the
earthquake resistance of concrete structure. This system is also applicable to reinforcing buildings and freeway piers.



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