Economical and Durable Road Resurfacing Using Micro-surfacing Technique


  • JadejaRajdeepsinh PG Student,Department of Transportation Engineering at MarwadiEducation Foundation Rajkot
  • Assistant Professor Department of Civil Engineering at MarwadiEducation Foundation, Rajkot


Micro-surfacing, Pavement preventive maintenance, thin surface treatment, crack sealing, cost benefit analysis, treatment timing.


A mixture of a polymer modified asphalt emulsion, specially graded aggregate, mineral filler, water & other
additives, proportionally mixed, and spread on asphalt surface. It is used primarily to inhibit raveling and oxidation of
the pavement surface along with improving surface friction, fixing minor irregularities and filling wheel ruts.Similar to
painting a house, micro surfacing creates a protective layer which preserves the underlying structure and prevents the
need for more expensive repairs in the future.Micro surfacing is a cost- effective polymer modified cold-mix paving
system that can remedy a broad range of problems on today's streets, highways, and airfields.



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