An Innovative Model For Multipurpose Agricultural Use.


  • Ahuja Jayesh Mechanical Engineering, PKTC,CHAKAN
  • Bhoite Aakash Mechanical Engineering, PKTC,CHAKAN
  • Patil Mayur Mechanical Engineering, PKTC,CHAKAN
  • Tinwala Ensiya Mechanical Engineering, PKTC,CHAKAN
  • Kumar Sham Mechanical Engineering, PKTC,CHAKAN


Solar Panel, Motor Drive, Battery, Toggle Switch, D.C Motor


This paper represents an innovative multipurpose machine for carrying out different farming activities
efficiently with less effort and in less time. Different farming operations proposed to be carried out by this machine are
seeding, digging and spraying. It is an ecofriendly device working on solar energy. For this purpose, we are using solar
panel as power supplying device which convert solar energy into electrical energy. This electrical energy further
converted into mechanical energy by motor.This model introduce term “Autonomous Agriculture” which means we can
perform agricultural operations in required time and in required area which is prespecified by the operator. The
advantages in agricultural production to increase productivity improve application accuracy and enhance handling



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Ahuja Jayesh, Bhoite Aakash, Patil Mayur, Tinwala Ensiya, & Kumar Sham. (2017). An Innovative Model For Multipurpose Agricultural Use. International Journal of Advance Engineering and Research Development (IJAERD), 4(3), 261–263. Retrieved from