Design, Fabrication and Experimental Analysis of Thermoacoustic Refrigerator – A Review


  • Payal Jha Mechanical Engineering, Indus University (Ahmedabad)
  • Gaurav Patel Mechanical Engineering, Indus University (Ahmedabad)
  • Krunal Shahl Mechanical engineering, HGC (Ahmedabad)


Thermoacoustic; Refrigeration; Hybrid stack; performance; Resonator tube; heat exchanger; buffer volume; Quarter wave resonator; sound wave; buffer volume


Thermoacoustic refrigerator is new refrigeration technology which does not require any moving parts and
harmful refrigerants in its operation. This technology uses acoustic waves to pump heat across a temperature gradient.
The vast majority of thermoacoustic refrigerator to date have used electromagnetic loudspeakers to generate the
acoustic input. In this thesis, the design, fabrication, and experimental analysis of themoacoustic refrigerator(TAR). As it
does not contain any moving part other than speaker which increase the lifespan of product the decrease the
maintenance cost. So it does not use lubricant. It only uses the sound wave which is pressure wave for cooling. The
present work describe theoretical study and experimental analysis of standing wave TAR and mainly focuses on
improving the performance of TAR by fabrication of hybrid stack with two different material high thermal conductive
material at hot side and low thermal conductive material at cold side.



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