A survey on performance evaluation of VPN


  • Avani J. Patel Computer Engineering, Parul Institute of Engineering and Technology, Parul University
  • Ankita Gandhi Assistant Professor, Parul Institute of Engineering and Technology, Parul University


VPN, performance evaluation, IPSec, PPTP, SSL


Virtual Private Network (VPN) is commonly used in business situations to provide secure communication
channels over public infrastructure such as Internet. Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) provide a secure encrypted
communication between remote networks worldwide by using Internet Protocol (IP) tunnels and a shared medium like
the Internet. VPN is a technology that does provide security strong enough for business use. However, performance of
these networks is also important in that lowering network and server resources can lower costs and improve user
satisfaction.VPN have many protocols PPTP, L2TP, IPSec for the performance and security. In this research we evaluate
performance of VPN using IPSec (Internet Protocol Security). IPSec is a framework for a set of protocols and algorithms
for security at the network layer by authenticating and encrypting each packet between two IPSec gateways (GWs).So
IPSec protocol is better than the other protocol it give better performance than the other protocol.



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