A Review on Optimization of Cutting Parameters in Drilling Process


  • Anurag Tewari Department of Mechanical Engineering, ASET, Amity University, Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India


Drilling process, Material removal rate, Optimization, Surface roughness, Thrust force


Drilling is one of the most widely used machining processes for various purposes. Now a days it is frequently
used in aircraft, aerospace and automotive and dies or mold industries. Drilling is material removal process within the
work piece via a rotating drill bits in circular form and creation of holes take place with longitudinal force. Lot of
researcher has been already scramble to find out most efficient parameter for low surface roughness and high material
removal rate. This paper reviews the various literatures on the optimization of cutting parameters in drilling process
such as spindle speed, drill diameter, drill point angle, feed rate on the performance parameters material removal rate,
surface roughness and thrust force during drilling process.



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