Design and CFD Analysis of Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump


  • Nikita Bavishi Mechanical Engineering, LJIET (Ahmedabad)
  • Hitesh Raiyani Mechanical Engineering, LJIET (Ahmedabad)


Vacuum pump, Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) analysis, Overall efficiency, Impeller, ANSYS CFX.


A Liquid ring vacuum pump is the mostly used vacuum producing device in industry. The Liquid ring
vacuum pump is a specific form of rotary positive displacement pump utilizing liquid as the principle element in
gas compression. The present paper describes an improvement in the performance of vacuum pump impeller;
Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) analysis is one of the advance CAE tools used in the pump industry. From
the result of CFD analysis, the velocity and pressure in the outlet of the impeller is predicted. The Optimum inlet
and outlet angle of impeller and also blade thickness are calculated for existing impeller by using empirical
relations. Modelling of the pump unit has been done using PTC Creo2.0 software. By changing the inlet angle,
outlet angle and the blade thickness of the impeller the higher effect on performance is improved. The standard kƐ turbulence model was chosen for turbulence model.



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