Application of SCS-CN Method forEstimation of Runoff Using GIS


  • Ketul Shah M.E. Student, L. E. College, Morbi
  • A. T. Motiani Associate Professor, L. E. College, Morbi
  • Indra Prakash Faculty, BISAG, Gandhinagar
  • Khalid Mehmood Project Manager,BISAG, Gandhinagar


Curve Number, ArcGIS, Hydrologic Soil Group, Antecedent Moisture Condition


The study aims to determine the runoff depth using Soil conservation Service(SCS-CN) method in Geographical
Information System (GIS) environment. For this Meshwo River Watershed located in Dhansura - Aravalli district of Gujarat
has been selected. The Natural Resources Conservation service Curve Number (NRCS- CN) method has been adopted for
estimating the runoff depth in the Meshwo River Watershed. Thematic maps such as Soil, Land Use / Land cover and slope
have been used in conjunction with hydrological data for determininghydrological soil Group (HSG) and Curve Number
(CN) maps.



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Ketul Shah, A. T. Motiani, Indra Prakash, & Khalid Mehmood. (2017). Application of SCS-CN Method forEstimation of Runoff Using GIS. International Journal of Advance Engineering and Research Development (IJAERD), 4(4), 558–567. Retrieved from

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