Secure Electronic Voting System Using NFC-Tag


  • Sayali Mokashi Computer, NESGOI
  • Priyanka Wadkar Computer, NESGOI
  • P.V.Mahadik Computer, NESGOI


NFC, android, security, arduino sensor ,RFID reader


Voting is duty of every person of this nation. But people face so many problems such as fake voting, name
not found dont know the exact place of poll dont have enough time etc.There is some political problems over the poling
and proclivity of persons for not give his/he vote. deliberating all this problems we have to solve and come up with a
resolution. A system with web-application as well as mobile application is using NFC tags for
verifying and voting. The poll will be counted accordingly hence the less deciet possibility.The web apps for arranging
all voting related actions. managing date,time and area are some of its main features.It will make election easier and
will increase voting percentage.Todays world is dem cratic world ,voting is pillar of construction of society.
Conventionally polling is using manual work .voter faces so many problems like voting ,voting booth is away from home
,standing in queue etc. so overcome from this problems we develop this electronic voting system. There are two types of
voting online voting and online voting . Electronic voting is online voting system. Peoples are able to vote from there
mobile phone . this feature is very useful to people who are physically handicapped or unable to come at polling booth.
This polling required minimum time ,also it decreases the manual work. This system increases the voting percentage. In
electronic voting system information is handled digitally and con_dentially. The objective of this project is to create
advanced E-voting system using near old communication with security.



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