Design of New Algorithm to improve Confidentiality and Integrity


  • Ritu Goyal NorthCap University/CSE, Gurugram, 122001, India
  • MehakKhurana NorthCap University/CSE, Gurugram, 122001, India


Encryption, Decryption AES Encryption, Cryptography, security and TINY encryption.


The cryptographic algorithm is designed to
enhance security in real life with increased speed and less
memory utilization. TEA is a kind of Feistel cipher which
uses simple operations like XOR, ADD, Shift. AES is
combined with segmentation and validation algorithm to
improve the performance of the security. Also, Key
expansion is done to make the AES more secure. The
processes are pipelined to increase the speed of AES. This
paper presents a hybrid approach in which the response
time is minimized. The data is encrypted using AES and
Tiny Encryption Process. The hybrid Procedure is
considered for easiness and improved performance. At
encryption time, data is encoded using tiny-AES-128
encryption process which modifies it into an unreadable
text. Encryption of data is done using all four AES steps
with a little modification in S-Box used by substitute byte
step. Identities for S-box are created by applying the
concept of TEA which will be used during decryption. Our
proposed approach will minimize computational time and
memory utilization It is simulated in MATLAB 2014Ra.



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