Internet Of Things Based Grid Protection


  • Mr. Kamlesh P. Kadia P.Gstudent,ElectricalEngineeringDepartment MSCET,Surat
  • Jayesh Patel Assistant professor,ElectricalEngineeringDepartment MSCET, Surat


Monitoring, Smart Grid, Wireless sensor networks,Internet, Wireless communication


The Internet of Things(IoT) and Smart Grid are of great importance in promoting and guiding
development of information technology and economic. At Present, the application of the IoT develops rapidly, but due
to the special requirements of some applications, the existing technology cannot meet them very good. Much research
work is doing to build IoT. WiFi-based Wireless Sensor Network(WSN) has the features of high bandwidth and rate,
non-line-transmission ability, large-scale data collection and high cost-effective, and it has the capability of video
monitoring, Based on the current research work of applications in the Internet of Things.



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