An Experimental Investigation of Thermoacoustic Refrigerator


  • Payal Jha Mechanical Engineering, Indus University (Ahmedabad)
  • Gaurav Patel Mechanical Engineering, Indus University (Ahmedabad)
  • Krunal Shah Mechanical Engineering, HGC (Ahmedabad)


Thermoacoustic, hybrid stack, resonator, sound waves, performance


This paper deals with the experimental analysis of a thermoacoustic refrigerator. The project aims is develop
the thermoacoustic refrigerator which does not require any moving parts and harmful refrigerants in its operation.
Conventional refrigeration techniques have high energy costs and continue to generate greenhouse gases.
Thermoacoustic is a combined branch of acoustics and thermodynamics which studies the transfer of heat by sound
waves. Lots of research is going on in this area. This paper is focuses on improving the efficiency of thermoacoustic
refrigeration by fabrication of hybrid stack with two different material high thermal conductive at hot side and low
thermal conductive at cold side. The present work describes experimental result of thermoacoustic refrigerator.



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