Video Content Analysis


  • Yamini Gupta Student, Information Technology, BVM Engineering College
  • Vatsal Shah Assistant Professor, BVM Engineering College


Video, Key frames, shots, temporal boundaries, parsing, metadata, clustering


This work aims at developing a better understanding towards the process of Video Content Analysis. Video
analysis is basically how the computer interprets any video. This process of analyzing is completed in 4 steps namely,
feature extraction, Structural Analysis, Clustering and Indexing, Browsing and Retrieval. In this paper, we have included
various algorithms to understand how each of the above steps is applied in analyzing of any of the video. For each
process, a number of algorithms are used and each algorithm has its own significance.



How to Cite

Yamini Gupta, & Vatsal Shah. (2014). Video Content Analysis. International Journal of Advance Engineering and Research Development (IJAERD), 1(10), 30–33. Retrieved from

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